Erratica - Toujours et Pres de Moi

I was invited back to work with Erratica this summer to design the sound for their show ‘Toujours et Pres de Moi’ which went up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018. The show consists of two actors on stage interacting and setting the stage for two further characters represented in a holographic video. Using a huge reflective screen angled at 45 degrees to the audience, the effect of two miniature characters dancing and interacting with real world objects on a large wooden table is incredibly realistic and somewhat eerie.

It was a particularly interesting challenge for me as a sound designer as much of the design was tied to the video content, but was also spatialised across an eight channel sound system in the theatre. This led to me being able to experiment with lots of shifting of perspectives, drawing the audience close into the world of the projected characters with small speakers installed underneath the table, and expanding back out again into the auditorium with use of rear stage an surround speakers.