Sound Design, Composition, Music Production

Sogn og Fjordane Teater, Norway

translyria tableaux.jpg

Translyria is a costume drama, where the gender roles are challenged in every imaginable way: Woman plays man born as a woman. Woman playing woman dressing up as man. Woman plays man who exercises power over women, and man plays woman who is oppressed by men - all this in a tragedy Shakespeare did not know he wrote.


Sound Design, Composition, Music Production

UK Touring

feed design image.png

A Palestinian woman takes a striking photograph of a boy. A journalist steals the image for an unrelated article. A blogger is moved to tears by the article and posts a tribute. An SEO specialist makes the blogger’s tribute go viral. Now all four are caught in a media storm, in a whirring story that moves from reality into dark fantasy as the algorithms spin to deliver ‘what people want’.

Welcome to the stimulating world of Feed where emotions are the currency and your passions and fantasies will be indulged... for a price. After the success of The Marked and The Fantasist, Theatre Témoin return, bringing their vibrant visual style to the world of click-bait culture, fake news and cyber gluttony.

The Art of Gaman

Sound Design, Composition

Theatre 503, UK


The Art of Gaman is an aching exploration of displacement and loss of cultural identity when you find yourself in a country that considers you an enemy. When forgetting your past is shameful, but remembering brings even greater pain, Tomomi must harness the strength to find beauty in the struggle and carve out a new life for herself and be true to who she really is.

An Evening with Primrose

Sound Design, Composition, Interactive System Design

Brighton Digital Festival 2017


Escape life on demand.

Watch and listen as HD cameras and bespoke technology create a unique soundscape from the movement of a flower blooming. All you have to do is surrender to the act of waiting.


Sound Design, Composition, Music Production

Sogn og Fjordane Teater, Norway


Khemiri's carousel of one theatrical text sees the struggle between trust and condemnation and sets questions about fear rhetoric and foreclosure in a multicultural society. His playful style, whose language and identity are constantly changing, has attracted the attention and dedication of a wide theater audience at home and abroad. 

Binaural Dinner Date

Sound Design, Composition, Technical Production

Stratford East, UK


Binaural dinner Date is an audio experience that looks at dating from the inside out. With a waiter that waits and a Chef to guide you what's the worst that could happen?

Part interactive performance, part dating agency, Binaural Dinner Date invites genuine applications from individuals looking for love, or existing couples who simply want a very different dating experience.

WARNING: Do not come if you are fundamentally opposed to falling in love.


Sound Design, Composition

UK Touring

sulphur sheila ghelani pic.png

"Blue Flame… I burn with a blue flame.
I’m a yellow rock that burns with a blue flame.
Devilish and pungent. I spew from the earth.
I’m the core of the earth and I burn with a blue flame."

Sulphur, is a beguiling, playfully poetic and choreographic ensemble performance that considers the history and mythology of this most diabolical element.


Sound Design

Interntaitonal Touring

vessel pic.jpg

Combining acrobatics, physical theatre and video projected onto water, Vessel is a visually stunning performance for outdoor after dark programming. Bitter-sweet theatre and the visual poetry for which Acrojou is renowned, Vessel is the sequel to 2016's highly acclaimed All at Sea.

All at Sea

Sound Design

International Touring

A storm in a tea up, the cloud that we all carry, a boat-sized piece of one man’s inner ocean... 

All at Sea is a theatrical installation set in a boat, which rows gently through the tides of the world around us. In limbo between life and death, a lone boatman traverses a vast ocean of memories and past hopes, accompanied by his own personal storm.

Dinosaur Park

Sound Design

International Touring

Enter a lost world of prehistoric proportions, where the past and present entwine like a strand of DNA.  Dare to visit an ancient island driven by dollars and dinosaurs.  But what really happened off the west coast of Costa Rica in 1989?  There have been numerous stories, countless rumours, a few films and a couple of books... But now Superbolt have excavated the truth!


Sound design, composition

Lighthouse, Poole UK

In our modern world where the internet and technology are evolving faster than we are, it is hard to keep pace.  We all exist somewhere online, whether we know it or not: a virtual trace, an online persona, a trail of clicks and searches that leads directly to you.

Fish Tales of Alaska

Sound design, composition and music production

The Yard Theatre, UK

Sound design and composition

Tales of 1,700 foot waves, month-long storms, and sea creatures the size of luxury cruise liners.
Whether they are stories of fact or fantasy will no longer matter.

In a climate that is rapidly changing, The Fish Tales of Alaska explores the love story that is our volatile relationship with the sea.

With a mesmerising original score, together with beautiful visuals,this multidisciplinary performance is created by T.U.C


Sound Design

International Touring

Love, freedom, blood, sweat and rain-storms: Frantic is an explosive and moving exploration of our relentless devotion to business  Acrobatics and dance-theatre choreographed around a bespoke structure, Frantic uses a rich physical language to pull apart it's subject - the reality of a running mind and one man's thirst for escape.

Death and Gardening

Sound design and composition

UK Tour

Death and Gardening by Wet Picnic Theatre, is inspired by our human connection to the natural world; from the cradle to the grave, from the Garden of Eden to ashes and dust, stories of life and death are frequently told using images of gardens, flowers and earth. Drawing on a broad spectrum of influences, this piece explores loss and lilies, love and lettuces, and everything in between.

Finding Frank

Sound design, composition and music production

Yard Theatre, UK

Frank’s still here. Or is he? The old Frank played the guitar on stage. This Frank can’t even bring himself to take it out of the case.

Finding Frank is the story of a relationship forged through music between an elderly man with extreme Anxiety Disorder and a young music facilitator. Using the testimonies of people living with mental health issues, this compelling performance explores how music can heal a mind in chaos.

Depth Charge

Sound Design

Gunwharfe Quays, Portsmouth UK

Gunwharfe Quays has a rich and varied history and Wet Picnic plan to explore that in various ways placing performance in and around the water, installations throughout the site, characters and storytelling and a large choral piece.  As part of Depth Charge they are looking to work with local people to create this wonderful site specific performance.