For Amusement Purposes Only

Turns out someone had a bonkers idea to turn a pinball table into an interactive performance.  That person was Erratica, a London based arts company used to making music and theatre performances with a heavy interest in technology.  I was brought on board to create a generative music patch, taking trigger inputs from every conceivable flipper, bumper, button, ramp (and the mouth of a four inch talking clown).

In collaboration with Patrick Eakin Young (Erratica artistic director) and Matt Rogers (composer) I built the compositional interface using MAX, that sat between the pinball table and Matt who would be using it to compose an interactive score.  We had a three week residency to begin our researh, partnering with Rambert Dance Company to explore exactly what the pinball machine was capable of,  and how we could take advantage of it as best we could.