Finding Frank

The story of Frank started a number of years ago when singer Olivia Bradbury began working as a music therapist in a hospital treating people with mental illness.  She met a man name Frank, someone she felt a strong connection with, and someone she knew she could help.  A few months later, the hospital's funding was cut and she never saw Frank again.

This story was to become the basis of a new play that first opened at the Yard Theatre as part of 'The Generation Game' festival in the spring of 2013.  After a successful first run, the company were invited back for a second series of shows in November.  Here I took the role of producer / composer, working with Olivia to create songs that were to become the basis of the play.

We wanted to use music to communicate the feelings that came along with the conditions held by some of the patients Olivia worked with.  Liv also believed in the strong, transformative power of song that she found in her therapy session.

The play was interspersed with dialogue recorded from sessions with a number of Liv's patients.  Here the piece took on the form of documentary as well as storytelling.  We created individual speakers located in different places around the set to give each person an individual sense of identity.