Kinect Sound Control

I’ve recently had some time to continue developing a system to take data from the Microsoft Kinect camera, to control sound using the human body.  I’ve created a number of ‘body instruments’ that use different modulation and trigger techniques for controlling and generating sound in real time.

I was asked to show this work in progress at 'Music Tech Fest' Berlin in 2014 among other exciting sound technologists and collaborators.

An Evening with Primrose

'An Evening with Primrose' is a show in development at the National Theatre Studios.  I'm  looking at generating sound and control data from the blooming of an evening primrose flower in real time to create a live composition  driven directly from the movement of the flower.  The show is looking to go into production in the spring of 2016.

Light Controlled Radio

Getting to learn the Arduino microcontroller to turn an old radio into light reactive sound controller.  A light dependant resistor on the front detects movement from shadow and movement of a light source to modulate and and sound parameters within computer software with the sound then send back out the radio.