Depth Charge - An Immersive Theatre Experience

I was approached by Wet Picnic Theatre to design the sound for a number of installations and site specific performances at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth.  The company had been commissioned to create an immersive piece of theatre across the site, originally a naval base, and now an urban development.  They drew from the history of the site, keeping many aspects of the design in line with history of pre war Portsmouth.

As part of the experience I was commissionedto create a blindfolded walkthrough experience involving a four channel sound system, a 9 piece community choir and a soundscape to take the audience into the world of a naval officer training for a depth charge operation.

I also had the challenge of installing sound in unusual places.  I made my own self contained sound box using a PCB case, a speaker, MP3 player and DIY amplifier kit, enabling me to place sound in a telephone box on the site without the need for mains power or a separate sound source for delivery.

I made a visit to the submarine museum and interviewed a few submariners that served in the war. With some editing and sound effects,  I turned these into sound pieces that I delivered through the speaker.

I also recorded  a few of the actors and crew reading out some old letters and created a piece to accompany part of the performance where the audience were invited to create and fly their own semaphore flags.  I called this piece "Letters To Sea" to represent the hopes and wishes of the families back home, sending thoughts and wishes to their loved ones at war.

Boss Kite - Remixes EP

I decided I wanted to take a break from writing new tunes so decided to set myself a challenge.  I've recently been listening to a lot of US RnB and decided to have a go at a remix EP to try my hand at a few stripped down pop productions.